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encouuraging independent play in toddlers

Ten tips to encourage independent play in toddlers

It is no secret that playing with your toddler has multiple benefits like enhancing language and social skills, critical thinking and brain development; but for …

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physical activity featured image

A guide for physical activity and screen time for preschoolers

En Español What’s the right balance between active time and sedentary time for young children? How many hours should your baby or preschooler be sleeping? …

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time out featured image

Do you know how to effectively implement a time out?

What exactly is time out? En Español Time out is a type of behavioral modification technique that involves temporarily separating or removing a child from …

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featured image drawning prevention

Drowning prevention: the basics and beyond

Summer is in full swing. Families are enjoying the longer days, the sunshine, the pool parties, and the much-anticipated summer vacations. Seems like everybody relaxes …

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kids in hot cars featured image

Kids and hot cars: a dangerous combination

Have you ever driven somewhere and not remembered how you got there? We all have… it’s called automatic pilot. We are used to our routines; …

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autism spectrum disorder featured image

What are the signs of Autism Spectrum Disorder?

En Español Do you worry constantly about your child’s behavior? Is your baby behind on speech? Do you think something is wrong with your child’s …

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