Teen Nicotine Vaping

Vaping is becoming increasingly popular among preteens and teens. Are you aware of the dangers of nicotine vaping?

Is vaping safe?

No, nicotine vaping is not safe. Here are some facts you need to know about.

  • Nicotine is highly addictive.
  • The solution in vaping devices contains harmful chemicals like antifreeze.
  • If the vaping device is damaged and explodes, can cause serious burns to the face and neck.
  • Nicotine can harm the teen’s developing lungs and brain.
  • The vaping device used for nicotine, can also be used to smoke marijuana.
  • Teens who vape are more likely to smoke traditional cigarettes in the future.
  • Nicotine vaping can cause nicotine poisoning. Symptoms include sweating, dizziness, vomiting, rapid heart rate, lethargy, seizures, and trouble breathing.

Nicotine not only affects the lungs, it can also interfere with processes that are crucial to memory, learning, focus, impulse control, susceptibility to substance abuse, and brain development.


1-Nicotine mimics a brain chemical called acetylcholine and can trick brain cells by attaching to something called nicotinic receptors. Many parts of the developing brain of a teen are controlled by these nicotinic receptors.

2-Nicotine affects the brain’s dopamine system, which controls desire, pleasure, reward, and impulse control. It is believed that exposure to nicotine in early adolescence increases the rewarding properties of other drugs like alcohol, cocaine, and methamphetamine.

3- Nicotine-vaping products also contains flavors that can make them more palatable and possibly act in the brain’s pleasurable centers. This effect is especially concerning for teens because their brains are more sensitive to rewards.

How can you help your teen?

1- Know the terminology-

We are talking about E-cigarettes; which are also called vape pens, vaping devices, e-cigars, e-hookah, mod systems or pod systems. These are products that produce an aerosolized mixture usually containing flavored liquids and nicotine that is then inhaled by the teen.

2- Familiarize yourself with the way these products look like-

They can resemble a traditional tobacco product like cigarettes, cigars, pipes, or gadgets like flashlights, flash drives, or pens.

3- Know the facts-

E-cigarettes are the most commonly used tobacco products among youth. In 2018, 21% of high school students and 5% of middle school students reported having used e-cigarettes within the last 30 days.

4- Don’t be naive- It is likely that your teen has been offered to vape or has already tried it. Ask him/her directly and without judgment. Make sure he/she understands the dangers of vaping.

5- The best way to protect your children is by setting a good example. Never smoke or vape near them.


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