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Latest pediatric recommendations for the Flu shot

En Español Did you know that children often have the highest attack rates of influenza  during influenza epidemics? The flu virus is unpredictable, spreads very …

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The prenatal visit with your pediatrician

En Español This is such an exciting time in your life! By now you probably already know if you are having a boy or a …

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Back to school anxiety: Parents edition

En Español Summer is over…no more leisureliness, cozy schedules and sleeping late. Labor Day Weekend is behind us, so that means that all kids are …

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Medicine Cabinet Essentials for Busy Families

En Español Do you have all the basics on hand when treating a minor illness or injury at home? A well-stocked medicine cabinet is key …

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Back to school lunch box tips

At what age should children start packing their lunch boxes? En Español Not sure when your child is old enough to independently pack their lunchboxes …

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Are you a good mom?

En Español Who determines that? Society? Your husband? Your friends? Your family? Your mother in-law? The perfect moms who you follow on social media? No! …

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A guide for physical activity and screen time for preschoolers

En Español What’s the right balance between active time and sedentary time for young children? How many hours should your baby or preschooler be sleeping? …

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Do you know how to effectively implement a time out?

What exactly is time out? En Español Time out is a type of behavioral modification technique that involves temporarily separating or removing a child from …

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Drowning prevention: the basics and beyond

Summer is in full swing. Families are enjoying the longer days, the sunshine, the pool parties, and the much-anticipated summer vacations. Seems like everybody relaxes …

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Kids and hot cars: a dangerous combination

Have you ever driven somewhere and not remembered how you got there? We all have… it’s called automatic pilot. We are used to our routines; …

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Cyberbullying: Is your teen a victim?

En Español Are you concerned about the amount of time your teen is spending on social media? Well, you should be… this European study revealed …

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new featured image infant walkers

Infant Walkers Are Dangerous

En Español Are infant walkers dangerous? Yes! Infant walkers are dangerous…so do yourself a favor and keep reading.  Yes! Infant walkers are dangerous. The use …

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Overview of over the counter treatment for seasonal allergies

En Español Over the counter medication  Over the counter treatment has become quite popular as most allergy medications are now available without a prescription. Therefore, …

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Why are well check up visits important for children?

En Español Are you keeping up with all the well check-up appointments for your child? I know…it seems like they are quite frequent, but they …

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Tips to keep your child’s teeth healthy

En Español Are you brushing your baby’s teeth? Dental caries (cavities) are considered the most common chronic disease of childhood in the United States. Therefore, …

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Hi there! My name is Zulma Laracuente, but most people know me as Dr. Lara. I’m a mother of twin, teen girls. My husband and my daughters are my motor to keep going in this crazy adventure that people call life. I understand that being a parent is sometimes scary and stressful. I’m here to help you navigate through the world of parenting with as much ease as possible.