Are you a good mom?

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Who determines that?

Society? Your husband? Your friends? Your family? Your mother in-law? The perfect moms who you follow on social media?

No! You do! Only you can determine that.

Don’t let anybody else define you. Don’t let anyone make you feel like you are not enough.

For years, I struggled with that very definition.  I felt completely inadequate as a mom because I was working and building my pediatric practice instead of spending every second with my twins. I wanted to be both: a full-time mom and a full-time pediatrician, and I thought I was failing miserably at both.

I sensed the judgement every time someone said, “Wow, you are leaving your kids all day at home with a sitter.” or, “I was so lucky to be able to make my children’s baby food from scratch.”

Back then I used to compare myself to other moms, and I was listening to too many opinions. Over time I got over all my thoughts of inadequacy and the judgment of others in order to embrace who I was. This helped me figure out how to become the best possible mom I could be for my daughters.

Here are a few strategies that helped me and might help you too:

1-Have realistic expectations– When it comes to time management and how much you want to accomplish in any given day, having realistic expectations will prevent you from getting frustrated.

2-Find an inspirational role model– Take a look at some other important women in your life and get inspired by how they solve their day to day struggles as a parent.

3-Become more flexible– It’s hard to let go if you are a perfectionist or a schedule follower, but if you become more flexible and learn to prioritize, being a mom gets a tad bit easier.

4-Quality time– Quality over quantity…It’s not about how much time we spend with our kids but about making the time we do spend with them count. Try to be present and spend one on one time with your kiddos daily.

5-Believe in your self– Whether you are a full-time working mom or a stay at home mom, trust your instincts and believe you have all that it takes to be an amazing mom.

There’s one thing that we all have in common: the love for our kids. Keep going mamas… YOU’VE GOT THIS!