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Do you know how to effectively implement a time out?

What exactly is time out? En Español Time out is a type of behavioral modification technique that involves temporarily separating or removing a child from …

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Drowning prevention: the basics and beyond

Summer is in full swing. Families are enjoying the longer days, the sunshine, the pool parties, and the much-anticipated summer vacations. Seems like everybody relaxes …

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Kids and hot cars: a dangerous combination

Have you ever driven somewhere and not remembered how you got there? We all have… it’s called automatic pilot. We are used to our routines; …

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Cyberbullying: Is your teen a victim?

En Español Are you concerned about the amount of time your teen is spending on social media? Well, you should be… this European study revealed …

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Infant Walkers Are Dangerous

En Español Are infant walkers dangerous? Yes! Infant walkers are dangerous…so do yourself a favor and keep reading.  Yes! Infant walkers are dangerous. The use …

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Overview of over the counter treatment for seasonal allergies

En Español Over the counter medication  Over the counter treatment has become quite popular as most allergy medications are now available without a prescription. Therefore, …

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Why are well check up visits important for children?

En Español Are you keeping up with all the well check-up appointments for your child? I know…it seems like they are quite frequent, but they …

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Tips to keep your child’s teeth healthy

En Español Are you brushing your baby’s teeth? Dental caries (cavities) are considered the most common chronic disease of childhood in the United States. Therefore, …

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Is your child drinking too much juice?

En Español Is your child drinking too much juice? Wait a second…why are we talking about this?….Isn’t juice healthy?  The American Academy of Pediatrics has …

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Kids’ bicycle safety

En Español It is no secret that most kids love riding their bikes. Bike riding is a fun activity that allows them to be active …

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Latest car seat guidelines

En Español Do you ever wonder how long your infant/toddler should ride rear-facing? Or when your child is old enough to ride in the front …

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Seasonal allergy symptoms and non medical treatment

En Español If you or your children are experiencing itchy eyes or nose, sneezing, nasal congestion, or cough… please continue reading.  Allergic rhinitis, also known …

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What are the signs of Autism Spectrum Disorder?

En Español Do you worry constantly about your child’s behavior? Is your baby behind on speech? Do you think something is wrong with your child’s …

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Why I love to be a pediatrician?

En Español Choosing a medical care provider for your child is an extremely important decision. That’s why I suggest that you take a closer look …

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