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Hi there! My name is Zulma Laracuente, but most people know me as Dr. Lara. I’m a mother of twin, teen girls. My husband and my daughters are my motor to keep going in this crazy adventure that people call life. I understand that being a parent is sometimes scary and stressful. I started to write this blog so that I can help you to navigate through the difficult and unrelentingly rewarding world of parenting, with as much ease as possible.

This is a bilingual blog, where you can find every single post written by me in English and Spanish.

Have an idea for a blog post? Get in contact with me! I would be happy to hear what my audience wants to learn about next!

Disclaimer: The content of this blog should not be considered medical advice, for any and all concerns about you or your child’s health, contact your pediatrician or in a medical emergency, dial 911 or contact your nearest medical facility.

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Dr. Lara’s guide for the flu

What is the flu? The flu is a highly contagious illness caused by a group of respiratory viruses called influenza. When is flu season? Flu …

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